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Testing Services

Testing Services

Our testing service enables the detection of errors, evaluation, and approval of system qualities. Our testing process is executed in systematic and planned manner.

Our Testing Process and Practices

Test Initiation
Prepare Test Strategy
Prepare Structured Test Ware
Ensure Test Data Adequacy
Build Trace-ability
Check Test Readiness
Executes Test
Defects Management
Project Sign Off

Testing Life Cycle

  • Requirements/ Design Review:

We review the software requirements/ design, if they exist.

  • Test Planning

We have gathered a general idea of what needs to be tested.

  • Test Designing

We design your tests on the basis of detailed requirements/design of the software.

  • Test Environment Setup

We setup the test environment (server/ client/ network, etc.) with the goal of replicating the end-users’ environment.

  • Test Execution

We execute your Test Cases/ Scripts in the Test Environment to see whether they pass.

  • Test Reporting

We prepare various reports for various stakeholders.